BEE Management System (BMS)

The B4i BEE Management System has been designed with BEE and supply chain managers in mind. This functionality allows for a holistic management and planning approach to facilitate strategic and effective BEE decision making.

Preferential Procurement

This is a B4i-specific tool that has been developed, designed and programmed to fill a market need specific to large South African organisations that need a solution, to manage BEE Preferential Procurement and optimise their BEE score.

Manage Suppliers

Identifies and classifies each supplier to determine whether the spends on this supplier is included or excluded from Preferential Procurement. Ensures that your data is correct via a data reconciliation factor before one even starts with BEE scoring.
Incomplete data will lead to lower scoring.

(create & manage)

Creates a scorecard for a specific period subject to your relevant BEE
(sector) codes and the size of your business. Consolidated scorecards
for a group of companies can also be structured.

Financial details

In line with the selected measurement period of your scorecard, capture specific financial data relevant to your scorecard. Subject to your user rights, financially related BEE targets will
be calculated and provided.

Spend Details

Uploads the spend per supplier for a selected scorecard.


A unique and proven concept of B4i will be applied to optimise your BEE Procurement score by
ensuring good data reconciliation and the highest possible TMPS (Total Measured Procurement Spend). This concept has proven itself over the years as the lowest cost per point to improve the overall BEE score of an organisation.


Displays the current Preferential Procurement score per measurement period with indicators of risk.

Data Integrity

Supply and upload evidence to ensure the highest possible data integrity. This evidence will also be used during the upcoming BEE verification.

Scenario Planning

(App coming soon)

Creates a mirror image of your current supplier profile and determines how you could change your BEE procurement score based on various scenarios.

Project Plan

(App coming soon)

Once a scenario has been created, the App manages implementation via a project management tool communicated via Outlook/Emails.


One can easily download a detailed set of data and create your own reports OR we will provide you quick access to some standard or often used reports.

Toolkit Access

B4i Systems in cooperation with Mpowered, gives access to the Toolkit which manages all the other elements on the BEE scorecard aligned to the different BEE codes. The above modules feed into the Toolkit to provide users with an overall BEE Management System.

Receive Access to:

  • Equity Ownership
  • Management Control
  • Skills Development
  • Enterprise & Supplier Development (ESD)*
  • Socio-economic Development (SED)*

* Preferential Procurement under ESD is covered in much more detail and focus under the Supplier Module above in a methodology uniquely designed by B4i. Included in the Supplier Module is a Financial Module that calculates all financially related BEE Targets (incl. ESD & SED). A separate module will soon be released to make
processing and evidencing easier on Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) as well as Socio-economic Development (SED)

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