The B4i Systems Marketplace serves as a platform that connects buyers & sellers by conveniently making supplier BEE status available. Preferential procurement scorecards are provided to assist effective supply chain management for optimal BEE benefits.

What buyers
can get access to

Find certificates

Type in the VAT or Registration number or even a name of a supplier and see whether
we do have the BEE certificate or affidavit. For users of the Supplier Model, more qualifying data is available the BEE status (incl. whether or not suppliers have a BEE status).

Upload certificates

Anyone can upload their BEE certificate/affidavit OR that of their supplier, a quick and easy process. Only if your BEE status is on the BEE database, your clients can score under Preferential Procurement.

Classify suppliers

(App coming soon)

List goods and services procured from suppliers. These classifications from the buyer (client) might be different from that which the supplier would describe themselves.

Compare suppliers

The Scenario Calculator allows you to
compare different BEE suppliers and evaluate how this could affect your Preferential Procurement score.

Basic TMPS

Should you want to do a basic calculation of the TMPS (Total Measured Procurement Spend), this App will guide you. Part of the Supplier Module is a comprehensive TMPS calculation, incorporating all sector codes and providing a proven methodology to increase TMPS and improve your Preferential Procurement score.

What sellers
can get access to

Get validated

Your client or 3rd parties will often upload or provide your BEE certificate/affidavit. This can lead to incorrect capturing or incomplete evidence provided (e.g., annexures not submitted). To obtain the best value and improved exposure of your BEE status, upload this here yourself.

Improve Market Position

(App coming soon)

Select product and service classifications that best promote your brand or company. The better you are classified, the easier you will be found by potential clients. This platform and BEE database aim to promote BEE-compliant suppliers like EMEs
(Exempted Micro Enterprises) and QSEs (Qualifying Small Enterprises) to enter the market.

Communication Module

If you upload your own BEE certificate, B4i can contact you should further evidence be needed or to clarify your product offering.

(you will be prompted via an email)

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