The B4i Systems Validation Portal serves as a platform for end users, consultants, data providers, verification agencies and other agencies to find and manage BEE certificates and related digital evidence (supporting documents) for effective communication within the supply chain.

This will reduce the risk of misrepresentation and disappointment at verification due to unexpected non-compliance.

What validation
gives you access to


Anybody can upload their BEE certificate/affidavit OR that of their supplier, using a quick and easy process. Only if your BEE status is on the BEE database, your clients can score under Preferential Procurement.


Ensure all data on the BEE certificate/affidavit is captured correctly by a dedicated and trained team of people. Duplications will not be captured again.


Capture BEE certificates/affidavits are checked to ensure no typing errors or incomplete capturing of a BEE status. B4i Systems will check each BEE certificate/affidavit based on predefined priorities.




3rd party independent check by a qualified, competent, and prior registered person to check the correct interpretation and application of a BEE status (e.g. black ownership correctly applied, designated supplier, etc.).


Certificates: Confirm with a SANAS accredited agency whether this has indeed been issued by them. Affidavits: Do a CIPC search on members/directors plus some further checks to confirm validity and usability.


For BEE verifications scoring is only possible if appropriate evidence can be provided. On request (via email) clients and/or suppliers will be asked to upload applicable evidence here. This App will also be used to improve data integrity on the BEE database and within the Supplier Module to improve your Procurement Score and prevent misrepresentation at BEE verification.

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